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Help line: 0484-2704404, Appointment Number: 0484-2704400

Help line: 0484-2704404, Appointment Number: 0484-2704400

CARE Pharmacy Services

Our Pharmacy has entire range of armamentarium of drugs to treat the rheumatic diseases. We strive to make available latest research products across globe at affordable cost to help our patients live a pain free life.  Drugs like biological molecules and small molecules are stored and dispended under the supervision of well experienced clinical pharmacists.

Clinical Pharmacy Services


A clinical pharmacist cantered service provides quality education and awareness regarding

  • disease condition to be dealt with medications prescribed
  • importance of medication adherence and routine blood tests,
  • life style modifications, and regular follow ups.

We assess patient insights after counselling by ensuring their active participation during counselling and address popular myths and beliefs


  • Assessing medication adherence by communicating with the patient , scheduling appropriate follow ups and by various adherence measuring scales
  • Improving the adherence by introducing a collaborative approach with the patient , identifying their barriers and adopting suitable techniques to over come them and by providing the behavioural support
  • This helps to reduce flare of disease, increased health care costs


  • We also record the use of biological for various autoimmune rheumatic disease and adverse effects
  • Clinical evaluation and findings are documented for each visit
  • Clinical evaluation and findings are documented for each visit By doing so,we constantly adopt our clinical practises so that this high end therapy can be given to patients in a very cost effective manner
  • One of the largest registries in the country has helped us to innovate the use of Low dose Rituximab and on demand anti TNF which has won accolades from various association including APLAR


  • Indian patients may not behave similar to patients in West where most of the drugs are discovered
  • We by constant monitoring of our patients identify adverse events which help us to modify treatment strategies and design individualised treatment plan
  • We ensure whether the medications are prescribed/ dispensed/ administered at appropriate doses for appropriate duration


  • Our active full time researchers in sync with the clinicians make sure that latest developments in the field of rheumatology and immunology is put into the practise and make available to our patients
  • Inaddition to this we by our constant observation and innovations contribute to the field of rheumatology as evidenced by our publications and presentation in peer reviewed journals and international and national conferences
  • Many of research papers are well cited and has been found place in guidelines issues by different societies

Conducting clinics/ patient awareness classes

  • Disease specific clinics are conducted every week
  • This helps us to monitor patients with disease specific outcome measures and targeted therapy
  • Disease specific awareness classes conducted in such clinics make the patient more confident to fight the disease
  • Also the meeting with other patients with similar disease motivates them to lead active productive life


  • To assess the therapeutic dose of a drug is very much essential for the safe and effective treatment approach
  • Hence we undertake the crucial role by conducting TDM, thereby promoting optimal drug treatment by maintaining serum drug concentration within the therapeutic range.
  • We also team up to tackle CD 19 monitoring which is a specific test to assess the efficacy of Rituximab

The services rendered by the CARE pharmacy include :

  • Dispensing of prescribed medicines in legibly labelled covers.
  • Friendly approach with patients
  • Proper counselling on the administration of each drug.
  • Discount rate on medicines are as high as 50% without compromising the quality.
  • Biological injections are also dispensed at higher discount rates than that offered at any other hospital.
  • Free courrier service (medicines) within Kerala.
  • Conduction of free medical camps on a frequent basis.