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Help line: 0484-2704404, Appointment Number: 0484-2704400

Help line: 0484-2704404, Appointment Number: 0484-2704400

IP / OP Services

CARE is staffed by board-certified Rheumatologists and clinical fellows in Rheumatology who have completed their PG in internal medicine and are now receiving 2 additional years of training as Rheumatologists., clinical nurse specialists , clinical pharmacists, physiotherapist . We here at CARE see more than 4795 patients per month.

We have 5 disease specific clinics (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, AS,PsA, STR) and a large clinic that concentrates on general Rheumatologic problems. Our primary goal is to provide outstanding patient care using a multidisciplinary team approach. CARE also forms the foundation for extensive research and educational programs. We facilitate the partnership of patients in discovery by enabling easy participation in research studies.

Rheumatologic services offered include:

  • Outpatient consultations
  • Outpatient specialty care for patients with Rheumatic diseases
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic intra-articular and soft tissue injections and aspirations
  • Education on Rheumatologic diseases and treatments
  • Clinical trials
  • In patient services and day care IV infusions in SSMM

SSMM is a 200 beded hospital situated right in the heart of the city equipped with all the modern facilities and departments. All Rheumatology patients requiring in patient care are admitted in SSMM.


“Ekam shaastram adhiyano na vidyath shaastra nischayam. Tasmat bahushruta shaastram vijaniyath chikitsaka”. This verse by Susruta explains that learning a single science alone is not enough for a physician,but he should master varoius sciences in order to suceed in his clinical practice. Ayurveda is India’s own medical science with its own basic principles over 5000 years old. However lack of documented cases and well structured,evidence based treatment protocols is a major lacuna in this field. Ayurveda offers a great scope of treating various Rheumatological conditions but needs to be judiciously implemented.Panchakarma  and  related procedures are a major hall mark of Ayurveda in this regard. If intergrated with modern medicine it can have tremendous potential for a common good-patient well being.

Allopathic and Ayurvedic medicine can be brought under the same roof and used judiciously without conflict.Those conditions where Ayurveda has a definitive role , it can be used for example in case of Fibromyalgia, procedures like Shirodhara, Mridu Abhyanga may be performed Also in common Rheumatological conditions example  :  in case of inflammatory Osteo arthritis, local dhaara or lepa can ease the swelling, in carpal tunnel syndrome-mild /moderate degree , local udvarthana or upanaha may be helpful, in trigger finger -local bandhana, in psoriasis-Utsadana/Takradhara  , Aschyotana in Sjogrens Syndrome , Picha Vasti in Crohns disease etc  are useful.. Internal decoctions could possibly  give good support to any cases of  mild hepatotoxicity. Also the cases should be recorded and documented in an evidence based manner. Thus a collective effort may be helpful in bringing about total health care