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Sports medicine clinic is a speciality clinic, held under the expertise of Dr Sidharth Unnithan, consisting of a expert team of physician and physios. This clinic manages all form of musculoskeletal injuries which occurs due to physical activity. The clinic is held three days in a week - Monday, Tuesday and Friday. It is the First Sports Medicine Clinic in Kerala which is headed by a MD Sports medicine doctor.

What is Sports medicine ?

Sports medicine is a branch of medicine which deals with prevention and management of injuries due to physical activity such as walking, jogging, sports or work based. The primary aim of Sports medicine is to prevent injuries and early return to normal activity. Sports medicine includes multiple fields such as injury management, performance assessment, performance enhancement, biomechanics, post surgical rehabilitation, nutrition, psychology and doping.

Our services

  • Complete analysis of athletic profile
  • Injury prevention and management
  • Accelerated rehabilitation
  • Nutrition management
  • Sports psychology
  • Anti doping counselling
  • Performance enhancement